How To Watch Ready Player One? Streaming Guide You Need

How To Watch Ready Player One? Streaming Guide You Need

One of the best science fiction movies of the 10s, and fans are curious to know about how to watch Ready Player One. The film has various other elements such as action and drama. The story is inspired by a novel of the same name penned down by Ernest Cline. Steven Spielberg directed the movie. The plot is set in the future, in 2045. At this time, the entire humanity uses OASIS. It is a simulation of a virtual reality world in order to go away from the real one and spend time with your friends here.

The story throws the spotlight on the character named Wade Watts. He comes across a competition the winner is promised the ownership of the OASIS. Thus, Wade enters the quest in order to win. He teams up with his friends. Although, there are other evil people out there who are competing for the same for their dangerous purposes. Ready Player One was a huge success among the critics and watchers. It was made on a budget of a maximum of 175 million dollars. It grosses over 582 million dollars from the box office. As of right now, the director is set on a new project where Ready Player One will be made into a sequel.

The story starts with a dystopian era in 2045. It is when people are trying to escape from the boring reality and seek entertainment through their virtual reality universe called OASIS. It is quite similar to what Metaverse is for us right now. We see that the owner of the OASIS dies. Their character in this virtual reality named Anorak announces a pre-recorded message. The ownership of OASIS will be given to any member who will find the golden Eastern Egg hidden inside the universe.

How to Watch Ready Player One

A still from Ready Player One

Currently, it is locked behind a gate. The players will require three keys in order to open the gate and win the challenge. These keys will be given to them upon completion of various specific tasks. We see that Wade Watts goes on and takes part in the competition along with his various friends. Wade wins the copper key from Anorak as their group finishes the first round. Their group is named the High-5 on the OASIS scoreboard. Well, this is great news for the group but also a piece of very bad news for Wade personally.

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How to Watch Ready Player One


Ready Player One is available on Netflix. The streaming service costs about 8.99 dollars a month for its basic plan. It means you can watch it on one device and on one screen only. Further, there are higher plans such as the standard version which will let you stream for 15.9o dollars on two devices and two screens. The highest version is 19.99 dollars with multiple screens and device connectivity.

Amazon Prime Video

You can watch the film through demand services on Amazon. Ready Player One can be rented for 3.99 dollars. You can also buy it in HD for 14.99 dollars.


Their opponent Sorrento who wants to win the competition and make OASIS a marketplace through his advertisements is not happy with them winning. He hires a mercenary in order to know his real identity of Wade. Later through the competition, we see that Artemis and Wade go to the Distracted Globe nightclub in order to look for clues regarding the next key.

Here, Wade expresses his feelings for Artemis and reveals his true identity. i-R0k, the mercenary who was hired by Sorrento overhears the conversation and raids the place in an attempt to capture Wade. Artemis flees the situation and abandons Wade revealing that her father died in debt to the IOI, the company of Sorrento.

After finding his whereabouts, Sorrento tries to lire Wade in on his evil scheme by offering a lot of money. When he declines the offer, the opponent orders him to kill him. They bomb his house in which his aunt and her boyfriend are killed among others who were also living at the place. Artemis was the character of Samantha Cook. She takes Wade to her house. In order to know what happens next, I suggest you refer to the platforms mentioned above to watch the film.

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