The 45 finest ‘Star Wars: A New Hope’ characters

Forty-five years in the past, on Could 25, 1977, Star Wars opened in theaters throughout the US — and sci-fi cinema has by no means been the identical. Since then, there have been three cinematic trilogies centered across the Skywalker household, a gazillion Star Wars toys and motion figures launched and most not too long ago, new Star Wars TV collection steadily releasing on Disney+. There’s an period of storytelling for everybody, however for many followers, there’s nonetheless nothing like the unique, Star Wars: A New Hope

To honor George Lucas’ origin story on this huge anniversary, SYFY WIRE sorted by way of the imaginary characters, creatures and planets of Episode IV, and determined to bestow medals to the OG characters first launched in Star Wars: A New Hope (and, sure, Chewbacca will get one this time). Since it is the forty fifth anniversary, we have ranked our prime 45 characters, from those that are a little bit of a dusty footnote within the canon of a galaxy far, distant, proper as much as the most important heroes and villains that made the primary film an on the spot traditional.

45. Wuher

He’s the pug-faced Mos Eisley Cantina bartender, and the form of charmer who routinely serves a dirtbag clientele however singles out droids as the true drawback. 

44. Commander Bob Hudsol

A Commander within the Insurgent Alliance, he was the man monitoring the Insurgent technique middle on Yavin 4 in the course of the battle and was standing up on the dais in the course of the victory ceremony. Not precisely a firebrand, however even Star Wars wants center administration.

43. Arhul Hextrophon

A Main within the Insurgent Alliance and one other man on the dais of the victory ceremony. A real winner with regards to names that earn the very best Scrabble scores.

42. Basic Vanden Willard

That is the Basic who welcomed Princess Leia Organa to Yavin 4 after she was rescued from the Dying Star. A pleasant face is all the time good to see, even in area. 

41. Nahdonnis Praji

Within the opening of the film, Praji was one of many first Imperials to board the Tantive IV and search its pc for the stolen Dying Star plans. He proves that even Vader has a workers of pc geeks to get issues performed.

40. Garindan

An opportunistic Kubaz spy on the Mos Eisley Cantina who snitches to the Imperial Stormtroopers in regards to the location of the Millennium Falcon.

39. Corporal Osleo Prennert 

That is the sentry seen on responsibility within the crow’s nest pointing the DH-17 blaster pistol on the Millennium Falcon when it landed on Yavin 4. He completely beguiled us with that bizarre helmet and the blaster that appears like a pace gun.

38. Momaw Nadon

An Ithorian hanging out within the Mos Eisley Cantina. Each child each since has affectionately referred to as him Hammerhead.

37. Zutton

A Snivvian buyer having a drink on the Mos Eisley Cantina. Collectors of the Kenner motion figures know this man as Snaggletooth.

36. A’Koba

The Tusken Raider who assaults Luke Skywalker earlier than Ben Kenobi scares him off into the Tatooine desert. 

35. Leesub Sirln

A ​​Qiraash buyer on the Mos Eisley Cantina. One of many few females hanging at that dank watering gap.

34. Lieutenant Pello Scrambas

Hero alert! A member of Princess Leia Organa’s private safety element, Scrambas was within the entrance line when Darth Vadar boarded the Tantive IV. 

33. Biggs Darklighter

Initially, Biggs had extra scenes within the film, however because of the edit, solely made it onscreen in the course of the Battle of Yavin. He’s Luke’s childhood pal on Tatooine who left the house world to hitch the Insurgent Alliance as an X-wing pilot with the decision signal “Crimson Three.” Sadly, Darth Vader takes his fighter down.

32. Raymus Antilles

Within the loopy melee of the opening battle, this poor insurgent captain of the Tantive IV will get choked out by Darkish Vader. However chances are you’ll not know that he was additionally the proprietor of R2 and C-3PO earlier than Luke took over their titles.

31. Jon “Dutch” Vander

Also referred to as “Gold Chief,” he’s the Gold Squadron chief within the huge X-wing battle. Some could not know that he defected from the Imperial Navy to hitch the revolt. Sensible transfer.

30. Edmos Khurgee

Not precisely a brainiac, that is the Imperial in command of looking the Millennium Falcon. Kudos to being horrible at your job, sir!

29. Colonel Wullf Yularen

He’s the dumb dumb Imperial who walked proper by Han, Luke and Chewie as they badly impersonated Stormtroopers within the Dying Star. Was he blind?

28. Basic Moradmin Bast 

If there are Imperial heroes, Bast ought to be remembered for being the ONE man who truly inspired Tarkin to evacuate the Dying Star. In fact, he was summarily ignored however Bast has clear rights to the galaxy’s strongest “I informed you so!” 

27. Lirin Automotive’n

What makes an ear worm an ear worm? Let’s lay a number of the Cantina music’s longevity to this enthusiastic kloo horn participant for Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes.

26. Figrin D’an

The band chief of Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes, the musical act enjoying on the Mos Eisley Cantina when Kenobi and Skywalker arrived in search of a pilot. Not solely is the music a banger, however he’s performed by make-up legend Rick Baker.

25. Crimson 4

One of many courageous Crimson Squadron pilots, John D. Branon is remembered as a result of he was brutally shot down by a TIE fighter within the mission to destroy the Dying Star. A wince second that helped set the stakes.

24. Crimson Six 

Followers name him Porkins, however let’s have some higher respect for this X-wing pilot who dies in the course of the assault on the Dying Star.

23. Garven Dreis

Also referred to as “Crimson Chief,” he’s the pilot who takes the Crimson Squadron into the Battle of Yavin. Fairly good job!

22. Basic Cassio Tagge

There’s all the time a worry-wart in each group and for the Imperial’s, that is the officer who mentioned the Dying Star was actually susceptible on account of these lacking plans. Was he mistaken? No.

21. Admiral Conan Antonio Motti

A residing legend! He’s the Admiral who was pressure squeezed by Vader and nonetheless lived to inform the story. Hope he performed the lottery after he modified his pants later. 

20.  EG-6 Energy Droid

Okay, we all know it is not the best droid, or a very powerful droid. However when this man lumbered round contained in the Jawa sandcrawler, that is when audiences completely questioned, “Is {that a} strolling rubbish can??” After which everybody kinda fell in love with the bizarre battery droid that is now so beloved they’re referred to as “Gronks.”

19. Jabba the Hutt 

Technically, he appeared manner after the unique launch within the Star Wars: A New Hope: Particular Version the place his lower scene was restored. Showing because the CGI model of the crime lord badgering Han Solo for his credit, this scene isn’t nice. However it’s the intro of one of many universe’s finest villains. 

18. Ponda Baba

The Aqualish smuggling associate of Evazan. He begins a ruckus by selecting on Luke Skywalker within the Mos Eisley Cantina. Ben Kenobi finally ends up taking his arm off with a lightsaber slash. Baba ought to decide higher pals.

17. Dr. Cornelius Evazan

There’s all the time a bar bully. Seeing simple prey in Luke Skywalker on the Mos Eisley Cantina, Evazan acts as Ponda Baba’s wingman translator. However then he ups the obnoxiousness by bragging about his unhealthy rep within the galaxy. He throws Luke throughout the bar however then will get some Jedi justice by Kenobi.

16. Simply Thoughts-Tricked Stormtrooper 

The bucket heads are the terrifying foot troopers of the Empire and Darth Vader. With their white armor and nameless voices, they’re fairly menacing. But it surely doesn’t take lengthy to determine  that they’ve clearly by no means had a day of goal apply and have very impressionable minds, as Ben Kenobi proves fairly handily in Mos Eisley. 

15. Jan Dodonna

One of many huge brains of the Insurgent Alliance, Dodonna seems to be like your hippy uncle who grows weed in his shed however he truly plans the assault on the primary Dying Star. The Dude in House.

14. Greedo

A ​​Rodian bounty hunter working for Jabba the Hutt. He positively pulls his blaster first on Han Solo within the Mos Eisley Cantina, however he wasn’t the primary one to drag the set off. (Properly, relying on what version you’re watching.) RIP Greedo. 

13. Beru Lars

The guts of the Lars homestead, Luke’s step-aunt is the sort voice encouraging Luke to chill his jets about leaving Tatoonine. She took on a variety of potential warmth elevating the Skywalker child and she or he doesn’t get sufficient credit score.

12. Owen Lars

The grumpy step-uncle and surrogate father to Luke. He’s a gruff moisture farmer working the desert of Tatooine. Not precisely the warmest man, however he did his job hiding and elevating the Skywalker inheritor.

11. Chief Jawa

The tiny desert merchants of Tatooine. With their cute cloaks and signature language, they love an ideal commerce…however stealing is even higher. 

10. Wedge Antilles

One of many insurgent pilots who survived the Battle of Yavin. Making it out alive laid the groundwork for him to grow to be a fan favourite throughout a number of movies — to say nothing of his many appearances within the now non-canon Expanded Universe. 

9.  Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin

Who wouldn’t kill for these lethal cheekbones? They’re the proper accent to intensify that Grand Moff Tarkin could also be human however he’s virtually as terrifying as Darth Vader. Along with his crisp British accent and ruthless method to the revolt, the galaxy is fortunate he went down together with his huge area laser.

8.  C-3PO

The fussy protocol droid “fluent in over six million types of communication” is the annoying exposition-providing character that everybody likes to hate. 

7.  R2-D2

The scrappy astromech droid tasked by Princess Leia Organa with taking the Dying Star plans to Ben Kenobi. He solely communicated with bleeps and bloops however in some way that tin can manages to win hearts in every single place. 

6.  Obi-Wan Kenobi

Generally known as the desert hermit of Tatoonie, he put himself into self exile when he failed in preserving his padawan from turning to the darkish facet, changing into Darth Vader. One of many final Jedis within the galaxy, he steps as much as assist Luke Skywalker comply with his future and entry the Power inside him. 

5.  Chewbacca

The Wookie co-pilot and BFF of smuggler Han Solo. Regardless of solely talking Shyriiwook, it’s nonetheless fairly clear that he’s the smarter of the 2 and is consistently breaking Solo’s balls. 

4.  Han Solo

The Corellian pirate for rent and pilot of the Millennium Falcon. Smug and brash, there’s a coronary heart of gold beneath all that swagger. He finally ends up serving to get Princess Leia out of the Dying Star brig and provides Luke simply sufficient time to land the kill shot on the battle station. 

3.  Princess Leia Organa

Alderanian royalty and a frontrunner of the Insurgent Alliance, she masses the stolen Dying Star plans into R2-D2 and ignites the collection of occasions that can join her with the long run heroes of the struggle: Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca and extra. Additionally, one of many biggest sci-fi heroines ever. Interval.

2.  Darth Vader

The terrifying Sith lord of the Empire. An acolyte of Palpatine and the brute pressure bent on wiping out the revolt. Within the very first scene, he asserts himself as a terrifying villain after which continues to scare the hell out of youngsters and adults to the final tench battle. With the heavy respiration and the crimson lightsaber, he’s nonetheless the benchmark for baddies in all of sci-fi. 

1.  Luke Skywalker

The farm boy from Tatoonie who goals of a much bigger future and a life distant from the farm. Enthusiastic, a tad whiny and really courageous, Luke is the personification of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. An awesome pilot and never unhealthy with a lightsaber, his adventures within the galaxy are exhilarating and nonetheless resonate at this time. 



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